Church Building Fund Project

We were able to start and complete some of the projects because of the savings accumulated over the years. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our target of $1.7m to complete all the planned projects. We look forward to your generous support!

Fr Damian

Parish Priest , Church of Divine Mercy, Nov 2020


Sale of Art Pieces

Adelene Tan’s watercolour art pieces from her book “Just Add Water” are available for sale. If you wish to view all the paintings from her book or to enquire about purchase, please email Jenny at 

Sale of Prints

Our parishioner, Kusnin Tan, has donated prints of artist’s Lee Man Fong’s paintings with his signature/stamp. They are on sale at $150 each. Please email Jenny at for more information and purchase.

Pledge a Brick

Pledge a BRICK for our new Multi-Purpose Hall at the Mezzanine Level 4 and activity rooms.

The bricks, which come in two types, will be used to adorn the facade of the hall and the activity rooms which will serve the needs of our elderly with elderly friendly programmes during weekdays and formation / parish events during weekends. 

We will be at the foyer during all weekend Masses. Visit our booth to view the bricks and make a pledge. For more information or to purchase, email Jenny at

Project Updates

Completed Projects

  1. Enhanced Audio Visual system, Air Conditioning and CCTV.
  2. Enhanced Parish Hall.
  3. Enhanced Audio Systems in main church.
  4. New toilets at B1.

soon to be COMPLETED

  1. Canteen enhancement.
  2. Upgrading of toilet facilities at level 1, new toilets and shower facilities at level 3.
  3. Repairs to plumbing at Basement 1
  4. A second main lift at the foyer and a subsidary lift at level 3.
  5. Divine Mercy / St Faustina shrine
  6. Additional priest room at B1.
  7. Converted generator open space to Classroom.


  1. Multi-Purpose Hall at Mezzanine Level 4
  2. 4 New activity rooms


Pledge A Brick For CDM

Pledge a BRICK @ $300 each to build the facilities to serve our elderly and for faith formation / parish events. Visit our booth at the foyer during weekend Mass to pledge.

Support our regular foyer sales

Check back for updates on occassional sales happening in support of our Church Building Fund.

Contribute to our general Church Building Fund

  • Via banking app PAYNOW:
    UEN: T08CC4044KRBF
  • Via cheque payable to
    Church of Divine Mercy Restricted Fund

We look forward to your generous support!


Email Jenny at for more information.

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