Art & Environment



To create an ambience & awareness for the various Feasts & Liturgical celebrations of the church.


To bring glory to God in our service to the community through His gifts & talents.

The Art & Environment ministry comprises of 4 teams.

1. Creative Design/ Art & Craft

This team handles all the designs/ artwork & making of handicrafts/ props/ banners/ posters/ curtains & drawings for each project.

2.  Technical Support

This team handles the different forms of installation works for each project. They also need to create & make all kinds of props, brackets, structures or features. To provide sounds & lighting devices to enhance the project & any form of mechanical, structural & electrical works.

3. Floral/ Gardening & Altar Decorations

This team handles all the Church & Altar decorations with plants & flowers plus other decorative accessories which include wedding, festive & Liturgical decorations.

4.  Liturgical & Intercessory

This team handles all the planning & preparation of all liturgical celebration of the church like Holy Week, Advent/Christmas & Penitential service. They will organize Intercessory prayers, fellowship, prayer meet & retreat or mission works for ministry members.

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