Session Timings

Primary Level (Levels 1-6)
Saturdays 4:15-5:15pm OR Sundays 10.15-11.15am
Secondary Level (Levels 7-9)
Sundays 8.30am – 10.00am


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At Divine Mercy, we desire for our children and teens to:

MEET Christ and community

GROW in knowledge of the faith and in discipleship

LOVE God, the Catholic Church, and their neighbor


The Parish Catechism Programme is a 9-year programme that allows our children to learn more about the Catholic Faith. Most importantly, the sessions aim to lead our children and teens to a personal encounter with Christ. At the Foundation level, the focus is on helping the child fall in love with Jesus. They learn about the Kingdom of God and who Jesus is and how He calls them by name. They are also introduced to the Mass where Jesus continues to be with us.

From Levels 2 to 6, the focus is on the ways God has blessed us with his many gifts. The children deepen their understanding of Scripture and the Liturgy. They are introduced to the history of the Kingdom of God – the story of God’s love for us from the beginning of time. It is during this time, they receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation & Eucharist.

When they reach adolescence from Levels 7 to 9, the focus is on their response to this call and blessing of God, which is discipleship. The teens will have a deeper experience of Christ through outreach projects. They also learn to deal with the challenges of growing up as they deepen their relationship with God. At Level 9, they will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Parents play an important role in our parish catechetical programme, they are invited to join their children for Parent & Child Sessions conducted at various times during the year.

Latest Announcements

  1. Please note that sessions will resume online on 24/25 October.
  2. Registration for 2021 Catechism sessions are open. Parents may obtain registration forms via the parish website ( or at the Parish Office. Please email the completed form and a copy of your child’s baptism certificate to You may also submit the completed form to the Parish Office. Existing students need not re-register. 
  3. For enquiries, please email

Online Sessions

Faith@Home (2020)

As catechism sessions are suspended till further notice, we have prepared weekly reflections to help you grow in your faith at home. Click on the links next to your level to complete the reflection. This list will be updated weekly, do check this page regularly.

Please note that Level 7 & 9 sessions are conducted via Zoom. For enquiries, email

Catechetical Calendar

Registration for Catechism Sessions

Please submit the completed registration form together with a copy of your child’s baptism certificate to the Parish Office or email it to

For enquiries, email or call the Catechetical Office at 6583 6393.

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Catechetical Core Team

Parish Catechetical Coordinator

Leonard Louis

Primary Level Coordinators

Level 1 & 2Mavis Sia

Level 3: Vanessa De Silva

Level 4: Juliette Lim

Level 5 & 6: Mary Bacareza / Susie Cuenco

Secondary Level Coordinator

Leonard Louis
& Cheryl Choo


Johanna Goh


Susan Liong


For enquiries, please contact:


T | 6583 6393
E |

Leonard Louis

T | 8133 3078

Address: 19 Pasir Ris St 72 Singapore 518771
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