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About Couple Mentor Journey

Mission: Families, intimate communities of life and love, sharing in the life and mission of the Church (cf Familiaris Consortio, 17)

Vision: Being a Visible Sign of Love for Others

Like a baton, faith is passed down from generation to generation. Imagine a Church where experienced couples share the joys and struggles of married life with engaged and newly married couples, inspiring them to stay connected with the sacramental life of the parish. Proper preparation before receiving any Sacrament is crucial.

The Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) is a time for couples to dedicate more time to prepare for marriage by learning from the lived experience of their couple mentors. CMJ provides engaged and newlywed couples with:

    • a stronger base for their marriage with continuous ‘live’ marriage preparation;
    • the opportunity to form relationships with their couple mentor; and
    • a connection to the faith life of the parish community.

(Credit: Archdiocesan Commission For The Family)

To find out more, please contact Matthew and Joanne at 97690543 or email

Invitation to become a Couple Mentor

If you are committed to living out the Catholic Church’s teachings and have been married for 5 years and more, we look forward to meeting you at our info session too!

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Contact Matthew & Joanne at 97690543 for training details.

Couple Mentee Registration

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Jonathan & Denise

The CMJ programme was literally an inward ‘journey’ to explore ourselves and how we were in relation to each other. The tone of this programme is very affirming and non-judgmental. It is informative and easily relatable as it draws on research using modern day psychology. It always links back to the teachings of the Church and this allows us to appreciate our faith in a deeper and more authentic level.

The CMJ programme gave insightful and forward-thinking ‘tools’ that allowed us to reflect on ourselves individually, and subsequently, how we were as partners in a relationship. One ‘tool’ that comes to our minds is the ‘Time Out to ask: ‘Why?’. When we react strongly towards each other, this ‘tool’ reminds us to trace back to what was normal or expected in our family of origin. Once we understood this, we quickly realise that what led to our disagreement was not about ‘who-was-right-and-who-was-wrong’ but rather the different family values we had growing up. We can then move towards finding a way to honour both our values and feeling free to decide as a couple what we wanted for our own marriage.

We appreciate all the one-on-one time with our mentor couple and their hospitality in opening their lives and home to us. This programme is also unique because of its one-to-one nature where a mentee couple is paired with a mentor couple. This allows sharing sessions to be more comfortable and personal.

Martin & Gwendolyn

Martin:  Though Gwen and I have been together for 11 years, it is safe to say that we’ve so much more to learn about each other. CMJ has allowed us to take time out of our busy schedules to realize the importance in connecting with each other with God in our lives. Nick and Susan have been great mentors in introducing the CMJ lessons to us and helping me connect with Gwen on a deeper level and reminding me time and again just why I chose her to be my wife.

Gwen:  It has been a wonderful journey at CMJ with Nick and Sue as our mentor couple. Both of them were very open and willing to invite us into their lives, sharing many personal stories in their journey as a married couple. Their sharing edified us and gave us a peek into what married life looks like, from the rosy to the challenging times. Embarking on this journey with Martin has helped us to be prepared for marriage life, not just as a couple, but as a couple rooted in Christ as our foundation.


Aylwin & Jing

We (Aylwin and Jing) are thankful to be placed in this programme. It has not only given us an opportunity to know and learn more about each other, but helped us to have a better and deeper understanding of each other.

We have had our fair share of disagreements during our marriage preparation journey. A few examples would be what are our individual expectations, financial expenses incurred, should we do this or not… etc. This CMJ programme have helped us through the difficulties by showing us how to resolve our disagreements, without causing each other much disappointment or heartache.

In short, CMJ makes us more aware of each other’s expectations and ideals, and how to manage them so that we can enjoy our lives as a married couple. It also shares with us how we can continue expressing our love for each other daily, in sweet and meaningful ways. Lastly, it also helps us to plan ahead when starting a family after our wedding.

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BBQ Fellowship (20 January 2018)

The Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) community had our first gathering of the year, a BBQ fellowship, at the rooftop of the church of Divine mercy on 20th January 2018. It was a heart-warming, fun-filled evening with spiritual input from Fr. Terence to challenge us to a “better me, better us” for a better community.

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