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All Catholic men (married and single) aged 21 and above are welcome to know more about the Catholic Watchmen.

For enquiries, please contact:
David Fong at 9635 5464 or

Men of Christ. Men for Christ

A community of Catholic men dedicated to be Men of Christ, fulfilling their role as priest, prophet and king in their family and community.


Symbol Representation

The Crown refers to Christ the King whom we serve.

The Shield represents both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as well as the Shield of Faith that protects us from the arrows of the evil one.

The Cross reminds us of the Crucified Christ who has asked us to pick up our cross to follow him as priest, prophet and king in our family and community.

Red signifies the blood of Christ and that of the saints and martyrs who gave their lives in defending the truth and our faith.

Commitment as a Watchmen

As Catholic Watchmen, we commit to …

Pick up our cross and follow Christ.
Embrace the biblical family culture over the secular family culture.
Be the priest, prophet & king in our family & community in the model of Christ.
Bring Heaven into our home & community & help bring all souls to Heaven.
As iron sharpens iron, so one brother sharpens another that we can be
Men of Christ, Men for Christ.

Calling all Catholic Men!

Catholic Watchmen @ CDM is a community of Catholic men dedicated to be Men of Christ, fulfilling their role as priest, prophet and king in their family and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are we about?
A brotherhood of Catholic men who seek to live out our Catholic faith fully in our family and community.

2. What is the purpose of this group?
We encourage one another to be men of Christ. As priest, prophet and king in the example of Jesus, we learn to be the self-sacrificing protector, provider and spiritual leader in our family and community.

3. How often do you meet?
Our formation sessions are held on Monday nights. 

4. What are the main activities of your group?
We fellowship and share our faith journey as Father, Husband, Brother or Friend. A priest teaches us about Jesus. We encounter Him. We discuss how we can be Christ-like in our daily lives. For evening fellowship, the Sacrament of reconciliation can be made available. Later, as the group matures, we can have activities tailored to meet the needs of the members. In essence, we come together to Know Jesus – Love Jesus – Serve Jesus in our family and in our community.

5. How long do I have to commit to the group?
Your commitment to the group would be according to your desire and conviction to be a Man of Christ.

6. Where do you meet each time?
Our Monday night formation sessions are held @ the Parish Hall on level 2.

7. Is there any fee involved?
There are no fees. However, food and beverages will be provided for the meetings and a love offering box is available for contributions from members.

8. How is this different from other church’s men’s group?
We have adapted our group structure from the US Catholic Watchmen in the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis and believe each group would share similar values but hold distinct characteristics unique to each country’s culture.

9. Who is this group meant for?
For all Catholic men (age 21 and above) in all states of life – single, married, widowed or divorced. We are unapologetically Catholic, grounded in sacred scripture, sacred tradition and following the teachings of the Catholic Church. We welcome all who are parishioners and non-parishioners of CDM.

We caught up with Francis and his son Leonard, who signed up to be Catholic Watchmen

What made you join the Catholic Watchmen? Did you influence each other to attend?

Francis: After listening to the sermon preached by Fr Terence as well as watching the video clip, it dawned on me that I should step forward and be a part of this brotherhood of men to help build a community of faith-filled men. While the mother vis-a-vis wife play a strong and emotional supporting role in the family, it is the father/husband who must lead the family and be a good influence on the children. Generally, children look up to their fathers, and children with responsible a father-figure tend to grow-up with more confidence. As my son, Leonard is already an adult but not yet attached, I encouraged him to tag along and learn from the other watchmen so he, too can learn from others and perhaps be a better dad in the future.

Lenoard: Like my dad, I was taken in upon listening to what Fr Terence preached in his sermon about the Catholic Watchmen. The slide that he projected was quite alarming as it showed that families without a father-figure suffered the consequences of dysfunctional kids. My sister and I were blessed to have a wonderful mother and father to guide us but it was my dad who played an active role in growing up years influencing me in some the major decisions in my life. My dad who was seated next to me nudged and asked me to tag along for the info night. Though I did not give him an immediate response then (due to uncertain work hour), nonetheless, he registered me.

What were your thoughts when you met the rest of the “watchmen” during the first meet up?

Francis: I belong to the senior citizens group, i.e. aged 60 and above. When we first met I can sense that everyone was cautious as most of us did not know what the Catholic Watchmen is all about. As for me, I can sense that though all the brothers in my age group have gone through our own life experiences, each of us has a different level of spirituality. I was opened to others’ sharing of their life journeys much as they were opened and encouraging to each other as well.

Leonard: I was grouped with the youngest age group from 21 – 29 years old. There were only three of us. Initially, when I entered the parish hall I was surprised by the large turnout of men who are mostly older than us. I thought these older men were gonna bored us with their lifetime stories. During the sharing in my group, we all agreed that our fathers played an important role in our respective life. We concurred with sorry state of our peers or even younger youths whom we know or read about, who sadly, do not have a father-figure in their households. At the end of the info night, we got to hear the sharing of each age group. I must say I left the info night with a change perception of the Catholic Watchmen and what it has in store for us. I understand that we have some interesting sessions line up in the months ahead.

Do you have any words of encouragement for other catholic men to join as well?

Francis: I would strongly encourage all Catholic men to join us and be a member of this brotherhood. While majority of men may be the sole bread winners, we must set time aside to nourish our soul, our spirit with His grace so that we can be a good role model, a father figure in the home to our children or a brother-in-Christ to the younger generation vis-a-vis the millenial generation. For us Catholic men to be able to function well in that role, we need to come forward and be a part of this community so that we can learn from each other and build up the camaraderie among the brotherhood in the parish. We are the first parish to have such a community, so let us come together and be living and shining witnesses of God’s love for his people, and how this love can transcend the different generations.

Leonard: In the current CW community, the 21-29 age group is grossly under-represented. After having attended two CW sessions (including info night), I am now more open in wanting to know and learn more from this band of brothers. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all Catholic young adults to come forward to join in this brotherhood of Catholic men. As the term watchmen means it is for us a Catholic young men to learn from our older brothers the good characteristics and help us to be exemplary future husbands cum father-figures in our own families vis-a-vis the community.


An extraordinary Rite of Commitment Mass was held on 30 July 2018.  Some 47 Catholic Watchmen (CW) brothers gathered in the chapel to make their pledge before God and community.  Each CW commits to devote time for daily prayer and reading of sacred scriptures, be fully engaged at Mass, and go for regular confession.  The men will carry their cross, journey with each other and follow Christ.  Fr Damian, who celebrated the Mass, called the CW to be spiritual husbands/fathers like St. Joseph and be the spiritual leader/protector/provider in their families.  He said this men movement is the first of its kind in the diocese, and he hopes that like the mustard seed, the CW will grow into a big tree – a spiritually strong community where it can shelter (defend) families from the evil influences of today’s contemporary culture.  As iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17), our CW brothers will help sharpen each other to be Men of Christ, Men for Christ.  This verse, which is part of the CW pledge, gave Michelle (wife of CW John Tan) assurance and she said, “A man of Christ and a man for Christ will surely be a man who knows how to love his family.”  Claire Abraham (sister of CW Benedict) said “It is good to know that we have a support group for Catholic men to grow.”  The CW fraternity meets every fortnight for spiritual formation and fellowship.


Address: 19 Pasir Ris St 72 Singapore 518771
Phone: +65 6583 3378