You’re here because someone cares about you and has led you to this page. Or you have been inspired to come although you can’t quite explain why.

Perhaps you have questions you are seeking answers to. Or you are searching for peace and happiness. We hope that by being here, it will take you one step closer to what you are looking for.

We welcome you to join our next journey beginning 20th July 2024


Our Family is Growing!

On 8 April 2023 at the Easter Vigil Mass, we welcomed our newly baptised brothers and sisters to the Church of Divine Mercy community.










Becoming Catholic

Curious to find out more about God, Jesus and the Catholic Church? Or looking to understand our beliefs?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)

R.C.I.A. introduces the Catholic Faith and Way of Life. It is an enriching journey where you experience personal growth and conversion to be initiated and welcomed into the Catholic family. The soul-nourishing process allows you to deepen your knowledge and clarify any doubts before deciding to get baptised.

We also welcome baptized Christians from other denominations who wish to be received in full communion with the Catholic Church.

Engaging sessions are held weekly and divided into 4 stages which are informative and participative. Conducted by Priests, Ordained Ministers, experts and community members, these are more than just religious instructions, hear personal stories from real people.

The journey culminates in Baptism at Easter which the process prepares you for.

Email us at rciacdm@gmail.com or click the button below.


R.C.I.A. Journey

Phase 1 : Inquiry 

  • Is there a God?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Why the Catholic faith?
  • I’m a baptised Christian. Should I join the Catholic Church?

Get the answers to the questions above (and more) during this first stage where we introduce Jesus, his teachings and his way. As an inquirer, there are no obligations, clarify anything you wish to before deciding if you want to proceed on.

Phase 2 : Catechumenate

    If you feel ready and want to take the next step, the Rite of Acceptance makes you a ‘student of the way’, or a Catechumen as you will officially be known as.

    Here’s where things get personal, you will journey in smaller groups and start building your relationship with God. This is the phase where your knowledge and spiritual understanding develops deeply.

    Phase 3 : Purification and Enlightenment

      Here, if you so choose, you go through the Rite of Election to become an Elect. It is an intensive period of preparation to further purify your intentions and seek greater clarity of God’s truth.

      This is the final stage that culminates at Easter where you are baptised, confirmed, and receive your first Holy Communion.

      Phase 4 : Mystagogy

      As a new member of the family, just a few more sessions as a Neophyte to set you off on your on-going journey of life.

      A new life with clarity, purpose and love.


















      R.C.I.A. Reels and Albums

      Serve as a Sponsor

      Sponsors form relationships with catechumens or candidates to journey together as companions and witnesses, passing along the living tradition of the Church. This does not mean you need to know everything or be the perfect Catholic. Rather, be a living example of what a Catholic is, does, and says. You will also serve as a bridge between the community and the catechumens and candidates, much as Barnabas paved the way for Paul’s inclusion among the Christian community (Acts 9:27).

      Preferably you should be an active parishioner of the Church of Divine Mercy but need not have any relationship with the catechumen or candidate before this time.

      Contact Us

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      Admin: Adeline Ng – 9863 9862

      Email: rciacdm@gmail.com

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