Javier’s Story

I was born in a Hindu family. Religion meant following my mother to temples. I never felt a sense of belonging, more so after my mom passed I literally forgot all ties I had with Hinduism.

Whenever I needed or hoped for something I generally prayed to God in my heart. At one stage I truly believed that all religions lead to just one God.

Growing up my best friend was catholic and I have followed him to the Church a couple of times but I never knew what was going on.

When I met my wife that was when I really got exposed.

I followed my wife to church events and there was once I prayed and wished for 3 things. To my surprise I did get all my 3 wishes. It was almost like a miracle.

Before my wife and I got married in the Church we had to go through this 3 day programme Engagement Encounter. This encounter was the breakthrough I had when I started to realise how as an individual I can relate to this religion.

My wife and I agreed to have my sons baptised because we both knew that the kids would have good guidance.

I knew for a fact that I will take the path of getting to know the religion better eventually but I had always procrastinated.

I have had disagreements and arguments with my wife due to my actions, behaviour, habits etc. I didn’t have anyone to turn to for guidance.

After having kids, you would want nothing but the best for them. my wife had someone (Jesus) to turn to but I didn’t. For example when they are sick I didn’t know who to pray to.

Even though I had my scepticism I decided to give RCIA a shot which my wife pushed me to because I was a procrastinator.

After opening my heart to Jesus I am generally a happier person. I have become more appreciative and aware of my tangible and intangible possessions.

  • I feel lighter.
  • I gained a sense of belonging in the spiritual/religious world
  • I have guidance. I understand why there are some things u should or should not be doing
  • I have better control of myself
  • I have absolutely no regrets taking this path

Going forward I would love to be more committed and devote myself into this community and somehow give back to people looking for certainty in their lives.

When I attended the first few classes going through the chapters on Genesis I was literally the most sceptical person in the room. Information and facts were clashing all over the place and somethings did not make any sense to me.

Even though I wasn’t able to make it for all my classes, the classes held by the sponsors were sincere and heartfelt. It made it easier to understand and accept the belief seamlessly even though I had my doubts earlier on. Before I knew it I asked myself how did I even doubt this in the first place. Which what I found amazing about myself.

Elizabeth’s Story

During my growing up years, my family were Taoist believers and my mother would prepare fruits as offerings during the first and fifteen days of the lunar calendar.

I went to a Christian school during my primary and secondary schools so I have heard of Christianity since a young age.

There came a period of time when I was in Primary 3 that my father started his journey of looking for another religion as he probably felt that Taoism is not the religion for him. I followed him to Novena church on a few weekends and was fascinated with the church decorations, the crucifix and the rituals during the Eucharist prayers. At that time, there was a hymn “Spirit of God” which I really love singing and it is still 1 of my favorite hymns till now and I look forward to singing it whenever I attend Novena Church that time.

However we stopped going to Novena Church after my paternal grandmother suffered from a stroke when I was in Primary 4 as my father had to care for her. My father eventually became a Catholic 14 years later.

Upon my mother’s deathbed in 2019, she somehow agreed to accept God and become a Catholic even though she has been a Taoist believer all her life. This is probably also the deciding factor that seal the fate that I will become a Catholic sooner or later.

Somehow the images of God and Mother Mary never left me since my younger days and they are constantly in my mind. During my growing up years, I have had friends who invited me to their Christian Church and I have attended their services a few times but somehow my times in Novena Church always remains in my heart and I didn’t feel that peacefulness when I was in a Christian worship setting.

When I met my husband, his maternal side of the family are all Catholics and he always patiently share with me about the Catholic rituals, the gospel, God and Mother Mary.

I ever tried joining the RCIA sessions at Holy Trinity in 2015 but somehow, I didn’t feel ready to commit myself to God at that time.

There were a few times when I attended mass at CDM with my husband and somehow I felt a sense of peacefulness whenever I am in CDM. In May 2022, I finally felt ready to commit myself to God and it was then that I decided to join the RCIA sessions at CDM.

Currently I felt more at peace with myself and knowing that I am 1 step closer to GOD, it helps to enhance my beliefs in him. Also, knowing that I will meet my mother and my other loved ones again one day upon my demise has also set my heart at ease.

During the RCIA sessions, the sponsors are very warm and welcoming towards me and my husband. They really make us feel very at home and I felt that I have made the right decision to join CDM’s RCIA session.

Edward’s Story

I was a Buddhist and only praying occasionally, following the family tradition. Leading an ordinary life and knowing there is a lot of imperfections of my inner self, I was looking for growth to be a better person, a better husband and father to my family.

My parents and most of my siblings are Buddhist, except one of my elder sisters is Christian (Protestant).

When I was dating my wife, who is a Catholic, I attended mass with her in church occasionally. I felt comfortable and she did not force me to convert. Whenever we discussed our religion after marriage, she was very firm that she wouldn’t convert to Buddhism but was fine for us to have different religion.

However, I know deep in my heart I would like to have the same religion in our family as that would make us more united by holding the same faith.

That desire grew even stronger when we celebrated our daughter’s infant baptism.

However, I didn’t take any action until around year 2020 when I started looking for RCIA enrolment. I sent email to my neighbourhood church on their RCIA enquiry website , but didn’t get any response.
Later, one of my wife’s friend introduced us to the Church of Divine Mercy. We were told the church is very welcoming. So, our family visited this church for mass and indeed we felt so comfortable and enjoyable. Thereafter, we started to attend weekly sunset mass and my daughter who is 9 years old started joining the catechism class. When the RCIA enrolment was announced, I decided to join without hesitation. It all happened just in good timing.

After having gone through the RCIA journey, I learnt a lot about the bible, the faith and belief about Jesus. There is a gradual change I noticed within myself. I felt more calm, peaceful and able to put my trust in God on anything beyond our control. I learnt about prayer and to be more appreciative with what God had given to me.

Since I’m now baptised, my wife has told me that she felt touched by my decision, and I’m also joyful to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Our family has begun to pray together more often at home and our relationship is now closer with our heavenly father, our Lord present in our family.

Angelina’s Story

My journey to baptism began 25 years’ ago when I first encountered the Catholic Faith.  I remembered at my mother’s funeral wake (she was a Catholic), the Teochew Prayer Group from St Joseph’s Dying Aid came nightly to pray at my Mother’s wake.  At that time, I started to learn how to pray the rosary in Teochew and in the midst of our bereavement, I found calmness and peace.

After my mother’s demise, 2 of my siblings and my father were baptized subsequently.  However, I was too caught up with my career and establishing a family life that I did not actively search for God.

It was my late sister, Delphine that actually inspired me.  She was actively involved in her church ministries, Children Catechism, Chinese RCIA, Bible Studies and Legion Mary.  Whenever the opportunity arose, she would bring me to participate in the church activities.  She would encourage me to pray to Jesus and to believe in Him.  I had phobia as I had  difficulties in understanding the mysteries in the rosary prayers. I also found the Bible very intimidating just by looking at the thick volumes.  However, Delphine told me that nothing would be  difficult and impossible if you have faith.  She shared her own faith journey with me too and told me that if I did not take a step forward, I would not be able to experience how different life would be as a Christian.  In 2019, Delphine was seriously ill and during her hospitalization, I witnessed how the Christian brothers and sisters from her Ministries visited her and prayed for her. I was touched by their sincerities and kindness toward Delphine.

Almost 3 years after her death, my sister Ellen approached me and asked if I was ready to find out more about the Catholic Faith.  I could not attend the RCIA in the past as my job had irregular hours and I often worked on shift including weekends.  However, in 2022, I learnt from Ellen that Church of Divine Mercy in Pasir Ris is conducting RCIA on Saturday afternoons.  The timing and my work schedules fit in perfectly and my sister is also  willing to accompany me through the journey.  This gave me the encouragement to sign up for the RCIA Journey 14.

My RCIA journey is enriching and I also met a group of helpful and kind Christian brothers and sister who were willing to mentor me.  The group discussions we had on the scriptures were also very enlightening and I no longer found the bible overwhelming and intimidating.  I found joy, peace and love whenever I entered the church during our RCIA sessions.  I was finally baptized on 8th April 2023 and on the night of my baptism I felt a strong spiritual connection with God.

I am ready to start my new faith journey with God anchored in my daily life. I have joined my estate NCC through my Godma’s encouragement as a first step in my faith journey.   It is indeed true that nothing is impossible with God’s help and our faith in Him.

Teresa’s Story (received into full communion)

The scale of the Rite (of Election) and the commitment from the Cardinal, Priests and the community touched my heart. Seeing the Catechumens and Candidates, from the young to the wheelchair-bound, making their decision to become Catholics reassured me that I had made the right choice. I knew then that my journey with Him is not alone but in the company of the entire community with common Faith. My heart is full of praise for God’s abundant Grace and Love for mankind.

Cruz’s Story

The RCIA class has been an wonderful journey of faith. From  the  sacraments, I have been given warmth by a loving community and given testimonials by volunteers. Through deepening my understanding of Catholic teachings, I have found tranquillity and peace. The Easter day baptism was a truly encounter moment that strengthen my connection to God. The RCIA class has not only empower my faith but also provided me with a loving community. I am  grateful for this life-changing experience.

Evangeline’s Story

I have been attending St Michael Church for mass for 40 years but got baptised despite a mix parentage of Indian Eurasian. I have moved to Pasir Ris 9 years ago and was finding for a Catholic Church and finally I found Church of Divine Mercy near my home.

Last few years I had severe financial losses in my business. Had a hard time and lost my mind. Was in a desperate moment of suicide. That’s where there was a calling from our Lord to get connected to RCIA. I made a point to get connected through the Youth Ministry for RCIA. I started my journey to be closer to the Lord through RCIA journey despite having trouble to attend class because of having to work on Saturdays for 12 hours. I went out of the way to sacrifice for no-pay leave on Saturdays. As I started having a very strong bonding with the Lord, He gave me confidence to think right to settle my business issues. My mum and brother both chronic patients supported me to journey into RCIA. My boss wanted to terminate me for not going to work on Saturdays and I was not bothered by it. As I felt so much more comfortable with our Lord knowing the fact that He will be there for me always for all my problems and will not allow me to end my life.

Slowly I got off from my problems and now I am baptised and very proud to be our Lord’s child. I would like to evangelise Christ the King to others as He will always hold us in His arms as He is our only Saviour. I am proud to be Christian. My family is very happy. RCIA journey sponsors, Francis who conducted the sessions, Fathers Damian, Peter and Venus and the whole team out there who came to support us for the entire journey are God-sent angels. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Joseph’s Story

Back during school days in secondary school, I was from a protestant school, I was also from a CCA that shares a christian background.

Fast forward to days prior to RCIA, I was already married to a cradle catholic. Back then, we would go to church on a weekly basis. My family was free thinker and her family was of catholic background. Generally understanding the surface level of the faith was not hard.

Actually this wasn’t my first RCIA experience. In fact, back in 2018, I signed up for RCIA at another church. I had already met Anisia, then girlfriend, and she encouraged me to signed up for it. At the start, I really wanted her companionship through this journey, however upon signing up, they segregated the females and males apart which means she couldn’t be my sponsor/companion. Therefore it made me lose drive in attending it. After about 3 sessions, I stopped going for RCIA.

So one Sunday in Church of Divine Mercy (CDM), an announcement was made that now RCIA is being held in CDM. So we thought since it’s so near our place why not try it again. But the same worries were surfaced up again. But we were assured that Anisia, now my spouse could attend and journey as my companion.

Truth be told, the faith is so deep that one cannot simply “complete” the journey in RCIA. The journey is a long one and the people – sponsors, companions and the fellow candidates all made the journey better.

There were questions along the way and there are still questions. But I feel with all these doubts, we need to know the RCIA team is there supporting us as well as the whole church.

Now that we are considered neophytes, there are still things that I’m unsure of, but I’ll have to keep asking and finding out more.

Andrew’s Story

My 2nd love story…

Nothing in the first 50 years of my life had anything to do with God. I did everything I need, achieved what I wanted, and attributed all to myself. Furthermore, I did my utmost to avoid and deny God,…I was a typically happy and satisfied non believer.

God, however, has his plan for everyone. We cannot deny him, his grace and his merciful love…forever.

In 2018, my wonderful wife, Nelly, whom fervently embraced Catholicism in 2018, asked to be married, again, in the presence of God at the Church of Divine Mercy (CDM). In 2019, I consented, despite it being illogical, because my heart felt “right.”

That was the beginning of my relationship with God. The amazing bliss and serenity was clearly evident on that day. I felt far more blessed compared with the first marriage ceremony 20 years ago. How such simple ceremony can fill one with so much emotion…that can only be God reaching out.

I did not understand then, but somehow, I accepted God’s “invitation to explore” His Church at CDM.

From 2019, I attended an increasing number of mass, met priests, attended a few fellowships and events. Despite being a non believer, I felt a sense of belonging.

  • The Priests always cared for me & my family…despite my doing nothing for CDM and them.
  • Fellow parishioners always seem to have time…despite my rushing & impatience
  • The Church always have answers to life that are comforting…despite logic telling me otherwise
  • Going to Church and its events led me to eventually conclude that I need Faith in God to complete my life …which was a void I was feeling
  • Sacrificing for and helping others, with so much passion and love, and without any need for reward or compensation …is a noble and Christian calling, and I can overwhelmingly feel that at CDM
  • Over time and at any moment, I realized I can and will always confess my heart and mind to God. In God’s presence, my true emotions will always surface, and I now consider expressing my emotions, respectfully, as a God driven strength
  • Finally, in times of tribulations, when there’s nothing more I or any mortals can do, my petitions to God…eventually always seemed to be answered. It’s about my surrendering and having complete faith in God.
  • Eventually, I knew that I can reach out to God anytime. He is always there; He is always welcoming; He will always listen; He has always cared; He will always forgive; and He is full of merciful love…what more can I ask for?
  • God is such a perfect companion, so why do I not want to commit to God and love God too?

In July 2023, during a meeting with Rev Father Damian, I felt a clear and firm desire to commit to God and be a faithful Roman Catholic…I completed my RCIA form that evening.

Deus Caritas Est…God is love.

Lea’s Story

I grew up in a typical Chinese family that has some Taoist/Buddhist beliefs in my grandparents’ generation, but my parents never were firm believers and neither did they enforce such beliefs on me. So growing up I was deeply atheist, I didn’t believe in a god and I also felt that having someone to attribute all the “successes” in my life that I strongly believed were a result of my own merit/effort, would simply be unfair.

I remember that I used to be arrogant when my secondary school friend invited me to her church and cell group, I asked questions that were borderline condescending as I believed that everything in this world could be explained by science, and there is no need for this “fairytale mojo”. My entire life was built on good academic results and pursuing good grades, that was all I knew of that made me feel fulfilled.

However, after school ended and I entered the workforce, I suddenly felt lost about the purpose of my life. During that time, a close friend of mine invited me to church, and I picked up a book that opened my heart and eyes to Jesus, he was not a mythical character like I used to believe but a person who was made of flesh and blood like us.

The evidence was stacked against the atheist in me and I felt convinced to believe in this religion, so I started attending the Protestant Church my friend invited me to to deepen my knowledge on Christianity. My first formative years were well spent there, as I gained a lot of bible knowledge but I knew that faith is not only about the hard facts (it is not a study of religion), but rather about what is unseen and experienced.

I started to attend the Catholic Church after 2 years of becoming a Christian as I followed my boyfriend who is a cradle Catholic to church, and it was another eye opener for me. I remember commenting on how the solemnity in a Catholic Church made me feel like we were truly in God’s presence, and also the peace that one naturally feels when in a Catholic Church. Although I couldn’t understand the many rituals and recitations that happened during mass, I was still touched to see the people being able to recite them from heart and with so much exuberance and conviction.

After some time of self exploration and church-hopping, I decided to commit myself to the Catholic Church and joined the RCIA at Divine Mercy to learn more about the Catholic faith and beliefs. I like that the Catholic faith is very welcoming and respectful of everyone regardless of their religion, even while it seeks to affirm its own core views and doctrines. The RCIA program is also very structured and covers all the essential topics, with very patient and helpful sponsors helping to guide me along the way whenever I have questions.

At the end of it, having gone through RCIA and been baptised, it feels like coming back home and being accepted into the big family of Jesus. I have learnt to feel and trust more rather than just think or rationalise, which is what I struggled with at the beginning of my faith journey, because God has asked us to trust Him with all of our heart and not rely on our own understanding.

I hope that going forward I can continue to grow in my faith, to feel God in every part of my life and to continue to grow more Christ-like each day, and to become a vessel through which God acts and does good in the lives of others. I also pray that I can help the people around me to eventually come to know God and His love for us.

Raphaella’s Story

I had attended Catholic schools for 14 years but had never considered being a Catholic. I would only attend church occasionally with my sister to pray for my parent’s health.

My sister is a Catholic and my brother, a Christian. Both my parents are free thinker. In my university days, I was introduced to Christianity and attended weekly services but my parents had strong objections and I stopped going to Church.

In 2022, I was diagnosed with cancer and was devastated over my diagnosis. My sister, together with a group of prayer warriors prayed for my recovery. She encouraged me to attend the daily services at CDM with her. I also attended the weekly Novena devotion at Novena Church. I felt a sense of peace and undescribed serenity when I attended the services.

In 2023, my cancer recurred and I went for further surgery and treatment. But this time, I was at peace and the Lord blessed me with my choice of treatment.  The CDM RCIA banner “Free redemption” caught my attention and I decided to attend RCIA in July 2023 to find out more about the Catholic faith and how can I obtain free redemption from Christ.

In this RCIA journey, the sponsors, candidates and catechumens shared their stories and about the faith journey and we had engaging and enlightening discussions about the scriptures. I felt peace, love and joy when I attend the sessions. Even though I still experience challenges but through prayer, I ask God for his wisdom, guidance and strength to overcome obstacles.

Now I am baptised and I am a joyful follower of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to all the RCIA sponsors and am glad I made the right decision to join RCIA.

Raphael’s Story

Before I found my path to the Catholic Church, my life followed a trajectory which many Singaporeans might find familiar – being vehemently encouraged to partake in the religion I was brought up in. Raised in a Taoist household, the rituals and beliefs never quite resonated with me. Despite the early exposure to a lot of Taoist practices, there was a persistent sense of disconnect, a longing for something deeper and more profound.

What finally compelled me to step into the Catholic Church was a convergence of reasons. Firstly, there was an insatiable curiosity, a yearning to explore a different dimension of spirituality. Secondly, personal struggles and challenges prompted a search for solace and meaning that led me to seek refuge in the embrace of the Catholic community. This decision was also partly influenced by my girlfriend’s family, who were devout Catholics. Their faith and the warmth of their community intrigued me, and I felt compelled to delve into Catholic teachings to better understand their perspective.

Since embracing Catholicism, my life has undergone a profound transformation. There’s a depth of peace and a sense of belonging that I’ve never experienced before. While tangible changes may not be immediately apparent, there’s an underlying sense of hope and purpose that infuses every aspect of my existence.

In retrospect, I have no regrets about the path I’ve chosen. If anything, I wish I had discovered this profound sense of fulfilment sooner. Going forward, I am eager to deepen my understanding of Catholic teachings, to immerse myself in the sacraments, and to contribute meaningfully to the vibrant tapestry of the Catholic community.

A key incident which occurred during my journey would be sometime around September 2023, where I was going through a difficult transitional period of my life after having to make a big decision. I was grappling with a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty. It was here where I realised that only in quiet prayer was I able to find some semblance of solace and peace, a brief moment of respite from the towering waves of anxiety and worry. Looking back, it is with no doubt that with faith through God’s grace I was able to come out of that difficult period as a stronger individual.

In closing, my journey to the Catholic Church has been one of discovery, growth, and profound spiritual awakening. It’s a journey that continues to unfold, filled with moments of grace and enlightenment that reaffirm my faith and fuel my resolve to walk this path with unwavering conviction.

Lydia’s Story

Before coming into the Catholic faith, I was constantly in search of something to occupy an emptiness in me. I lived day by day without any objective.

My life started to change when my son, who started attending a Catholic primary school, urged me to join the RCIA to know God and be baptised.

Unexpectedly, during the journey, something unfolded in my heart, which allowed me to see the ‘Light’: the emptiness in me was due to a lack of love.

I can see now that I am truly blessed that this has been fully filled after getting married to have a family that I can call my own, having my son and knowing God.

My boy constantly tells me that he loves me so much that I have to go to heaven to be with God who loves us unconditionally.

My husband also reminds me about our faith in God. Their consistent encouragement for me to be baptised strengthened my resolve to follow God’s words and to live in His way.

After choosing to follow God, I feel so loved and comforted by our Heavenly Father, my earthly son and husband. Actually I could not wait to be baptised during Easter.

It made me extra happy when my son summarised his feelings for my baptism in these three lines:

  1. He wanted me to be baptised.
  2. He was so excited and happy to see me on the big screen when I was immersed into the baptismal pool 
  3. I now have the opportunity to love God even more as His child.

 I wish for you to experience the love, joy and peace that I have felt. Come join us!

Josephine’s Story

Feel God by your own way.

For some reason that I didn’t know, I immediately left the Church in Vietnam that my husband (who was still just my boyfriend that time) first brought me to. And not only that, but all I asked for to start a relationship with him was “a free choice of faith”. And thank God, he agreed.

Strangely, my husband was the first and only Catholic that I knew in my whole life before I met him despite being an extremely extroverted person for over 20 years. I had never encountered even a Christian before. I wasn’t seeking God.

I wanted to accompany him to church simply because I didn’t want him to go alone. (It was only after that I learned it’s perfectly fine to go to church alone!) Most of the time during Mass, I would start crying, without fail, for many years. I didn’t know why, but I was always deeply touched. Seeing him go to church, spending time daily in prayer, I eventually came to agree with myself that Jesus was just an imaginary friend of my husband’s. And there was nothing wrong with that! Every time I went to church, it was to visit this friend’s house, to meet this friend, Jesus. That’s how Jesus became my friend too.

I wouldn’t say I was anything special back then. It’s just God. He loves us with His personal love. So I guess we can all just feel God in our own way, taking as much time as we need. Because our God is a patient, trustworthy, and loving friend!        

You don’t need to wait until your baptism to become an intentional disciple of Jesus.

Being a volunteer has always my favourite since I was very young. I have witnessed countless non-believers who would sacrifice their whole lives (with joy!) to help others, to just be with the disadvantaged. Some time after I learned about Jesus, I wondered where, where they take the strength from to carry on loving the world?!

For many years (just by being with Jesus), I realized that whether we are Christian or not, when we were first born into this world, Jesus already lives in every heart of ours. We just have to follow our hearts, we will find Jesus one day! And when that day comes, He will love us in full.

‘If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.’- Jeremiah 29-13

Where there is love, there Jesus is! Because ‘God is love.’- 1 John 4:16

Whoever is doing the work of love is doing the work of God! God will definitely help them.

Why, then, why we must get baptised?

This is Jesus Himself telling me, finally prompting me to choose to join RCIA. He said, ‘it will be much easier for you’! Only recently after I got baptised did I understand what he meant by saying that.

What made it easier for me than before? My soul is nurtured every day by His words and by Himself! I finally can receive Him (not just asking for His blessing only like before). I can become ONE with Him. Every time I make mistakes, I sin, I can come to Him for His forgiveness, His comfort, and He will grant me the grace to change for the better. He gave me and you the best of Himself, so we can take it as the Divine food for our long journey Home. Thank God for His perfect plan for all.

To get baptized, I also entered into a deeper relationship, not only with our beloved Holy Trinity, but also with all the Saints (our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ) and all the Angels. ‘No Christian should ever journey alone.’ God will continuously amaze you by the people He will send into your life! Believe me, I found our life was changing so much after joining the community. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, my brethren!          

Prayers are wonderful and powerful!

Earlier, when I just learned about Jesus, I thought to myself: What was the best thing that faith brought to me? That must be prayers. Have you ever been left with a burdened heart because you found yourself of no help to others? For me, before Jesus, it often happened. But with prayers, now I can totally entrust everything to God, everyone, everything. What a released feeling that I never had before. Even better, I can pray for my ‘enemy’ – those who fiercely disagree with me, who do not open any gap for me to start, who gossip, who hurt me, who give me judgmental looks or attitudes… I now can pray for all of them! What a wonderful weapon that God has granted us. Prayers are like love weapons that do not hurt but heal!

God is so wonderful and powerful! All He wants from us is love. He wants us to love one another and always turn to Him for lessons of love. He created us out of His love, so He also wants us to live, to die in love; to come back to Him in love. Love is all we need.

Is Catholic life all about sufferings and sacrifices?

If the answer is yes, how do you feel? But I myself do not think that a Catholic’s life is all about just sufferings and sacrifices. I strongly believe that God desires love and joy more than sufferings and sacrifices. Have you ever experienced any moment when your will and God’s Will emerged? It’s an incredible, unexplainable joy! I find myself joyful most of the time with Jesus around. I find my freedom in Him and my true meaning of living.

Suffering is truly a gift from God, so that we can stay united with each other and with Him. ‘Suffering, if it is accepted together, borne together, is joy.’ Do you agree with Mother Teresa too? Jesus already paid it all when He came down from Heaven, died for our sins. If we already have God by our side as our shield, what great joy we already have! What else do we need?! Nothing else. ‘Pray that our sufferings will not rob us of joy, that we may still be able to see God’s goodness and beauty around us’.

Most importantly, always spend enough time with God and return to His words.

Throughout the entire timeline of salvation history, what I feel from God is a super-duper patient and loving Father (sometimes I feel His gentle love like a mother’s too!). How many times He warned us, how many times we failed Him. And yet, He always forgave and gave us chances after chances to come back to Him. We must trust totally in His plan for us to live daily. We must trust totally in His mercy. We must always go back to His words.

Pray for me, brothers and sisters, that I will live an interior life, to be recollected at the foot of our Lord. Always come to the Lord first of all things, and always put Him in the center of my life.

Thank God for everything that has happened and will happen in my life. Thank you for your nearness; you always listen and answer my calls. Others should know about Jesus. That He loves us all. Let us be His instruments to spread His love to all we meet.

“I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your words”. – Luke 1:38

The memory that touched me most during my baptism was after I emerged from the baptism font. And my God-father passed me the candle so that I could pass the light to others. He was saying ‘Now, it is your turn.’ I am looking forward to your turn too! Amen.

Anne’s Story

As a child growing up in Potong Pasir’s kampong, I was surrounded by Presbyterian relatives, often celebrating with parties and carolling during Christmas. However, being raised in a Taoist family, my dad adamantly opposed any involvement with Christianity due to negative experiences with Christian acquaintances. Despite this, my relatives hosted Bible classes on Sundays, which I attended covertly, sneaking back home when my dad returned. On occasions when my dad was away, I seized the chance to accompany them to church, though these visits were sporadic.

As I grew older, I occasionally attended church with friends, but my commitment wavered. Over time, my paternal grandfather and uncle’s families converted to Catholicism, but my dad remained staunchly Taoist. Despite longing to join them, I was never invited, perhaps due to fear of my dad’s disapproval. Instead, I dutifully accompanied my family to temples, though my faith remained uncertain.

Religion took a backseat as I juggled the demands of raising children and pursuing a career. It wasn’t until a series of devastating events, including my husband’s stroke and the loss of my mother and mother-in-law, that I turned to prayer for solace. Despite feeling unsure how to pray, I found strength and comfort through God presence during my darkest moments.

Witnessing the power of faith in my cousin’s personal challenge, I am reminded of the miraculous possibilities through prayer and belief in the Catholic Faith. In July 2022 , when my friend Vivien invited me to church again, I eagerly accepted without hesitation. This time, I embraced the opportunity to explore Catholicism openly, finding solace and peace within the church’s community. I told my dad and my husband that I will like to take RCIA, they did not reject at all this time round. Encouraged by my family’s acceptance, I overcame my fear of introversion and enrolled in RCIA in July 2023. On March 30, 2024, I was BAPTISED and felt a profound sense of salvation, no longer fearing damnation. Now a neophyte, I proudly partake in the Eucharist, grateful for the presence of Jesus in my heart and the guidance of God.


John’ Story (received into full communion)

My Christian journey started at a modern church, yet despite my familiarity with theology and regular reading of the Bible, I yearned for deeper encounters beyond mere emotional stirrings. Ironically, this quest led me away from the modern church because I could no longer identify with certain practices without a strong theological basis. By God’s grace, my supportive girlfriend, who later became my fiancée, introduced me to the Catholic Mass. Initially, I found it all a bit strange—the rituals, the chants, the kneeling, and standing—it all seemed rather complex. In comparison, a Catholic Mass made a typical Sunday service seem like a mere warm-up act for brunch.

At first, my blunt objective of attending RCIA was because my girlfriend suggested it to me. I came with an open mind, willing to explore and learn. Despite my initial reservations, I soon found myself captivated by the richness of Catholic tradition and the depth of its teachings. Through the RCIA process, I discovered a community of faith that welcomed me with open arms, embracing me as I embarked on this journey of spiritual growth.

At the beginning, I viewed the differences between denominations as inconsequential. “We’re all worshiping the same God,” I’d casually say, dismissing the nuances of belief with a shrug. But does choosing one path really invalidate the others? As I journeyed through RCIA, I recap a profound truth: we are all children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ. Galatians 3:28 reminds us, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Whether we gather in a cathedral or a chapel, whether we sing hymns or praise songs, our shared faith in Christ unites us in a bond that transcends denominational labels. Throughout this journey, Father Damian, Venus, and my RCIA sponsors echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the interconnectedness of humanity across different faiths and backgrounds. Just as Cain asked God whether he is his brother’s keeper, the answer is apparent—yes, we are our brothers’ keepers, even across cultures, practices, and races. This recognition of our shared humanity and interconnectedness is a guiding principle that underscores the unity and love that Christ calls us to embody. In John 17:20-21, Jesus speaks of unity among believers, praying, “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” These words resonate deeply with me now as I reflect on my journey.

Moreover, I have re-learned that Jesus actually treated traditions very, very seriously. While he did challenge religious authorities when they deviated from the heart of God’s teachings or became hypocritical, his actions were not rebellious; rather, they were a call to return to the true spirit of God’s commandments and to embody love, compassion, and justice. For instance, when confronted by the Pharisees for healing on the Sabbath, Jesus used the opportunity to teach about the importance of mercy and compassion over legalistic adherence to rules (Matthew 12:1-14). Truly, the Catholic tradition, deeply rooted in centuries of theological reflection and spiritual practice, offers believers a profound connection to the historical and global Church.

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