Corpus Christi

The Eucharist remains a tangible sign of His presence. Receiving Him during the celebration of the Mass brings us not just closer to Him only but makes us feel united with the Church. It is not enough to be intimate with Jesus in a personal manner but to be close to the community as well. This is because the Eucharistic celebration is the gathering of the Christian community. The Eucharist is not a private devotion. It has a communitarian dimension of Church, the visible body of Christ. The Eucharist is always a community celebration and it is the Eucharist that makes us Church because we are gathered concretely as the Body of Christ. Furthermore, after receiving the Eucharist, we who are united with the Lord now must live in union with our brothers and sisters, and in a special way reach out to our brothers and sisters who are suffering. The Eucharist therefore cannot be simply a private devotion between Jesus and me. It is both personal, private and at the same time, brings me closer to the community.



Jun 06 2021


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Church of Divine Mercy
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