I cannot imagine a life without community.

Nicholas Pinto

NCC Coordinator, CDM

The Church first began as a small community of disciples. There were no Churches, Cathedrals or Convents.  However, they had a strong sense of community. As the early Christian community grew, new communities were formed and they spread all over the world. 

What happens when we are in a community?

1) We experience a sense of belonging: Belonging is a fundamental need. When we are part of a community, we belong somewhere. 

2) We experience a sense of hope: There will always be ups & downs in our lives. The community gives us hope to go on. 

3) We experience a sense of meaning: When we are facing struggles, we are not alone. We find meaning when we interact with each other.

4) We experience a sense of service: When we are in a community, we find ample opportunities to serve. Service to one another unites us as one community.