Caption: Brontosaur Park NCC’s happy family 


Do you know, what was one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind? “Quest for fire” is an award-winning movie in recent years. 80,000 years ago humankind faced a big crisis. It was extremely cold all over the earth. All would have died! And then, man accidentally invented fire. This saved humankind from extinction. 

Today the Church is in a crisis. What can bring back the fire of the early Church? How can we ignite the fire of love in the Faithful? Perhaps, we must go back to our roots! We have much to learn from the early Christian community – brethren who met regularly, shared the Word and the Bread. The strong bonding this creates, will reignite the faithful with renewed zeal and fervour. 

Pope Francis describes a parish as, “a Communion of Communities” (Evangelii Gaudium, #28). By default, every baptized Catholic belongs to a neighbourhood community.  All of us have a mission to build Christ-centred communities that spread the message of love and compassion.  Let us strive to make our Church of Divine Mercy, “a communion of communities.”

“It’s a beautiful thing when your Christian neighbours come together to worship and fellowship!”

Tricia Kat

Brontosaur NCC, CDM