Keeping the Faith with the Catholic Watchmen.

  In the midst of the COVID19 restrictions, the brothers in the Catholic Watchmen @ CDM have kept faith, and have kept in touch with one another, praying for and with each other, through whatsapp and telegram chat, as well as through their fortnightly gathering via Zoom.They toggle between a faith-formation input session and a check-in prayer session every two weeks.
Last Monday, on the 27th April, they had a guest speaker, Marcus Peter, who spoke on the topic of Fatherhood in the light of God's Fatherhood.

Marcus has a MA in Theological Studies; he’s a scripture scholar specialising in covenant theology and has been a missionary preacher in the last 8 years.Marcus said we find ourselves truly and wholly in our covenantal relationship with God. Our masculinity is grounded in that covenant. A man is one who is in covenant with God; a man works, worships, exercises dominion authorised by God; a man is a priest in his family and community; he recognises the worth of his bride and a man is someone who dies to himself; primary examples being St Joseph and our Lord Jesus Christ.

 In the next session scheduled for 11th May, the brothers in Catholic Watchmen will gather online via Zoom again, to pray, reflect and share with each other how they view their relationship with God and what they discern God to be calling them to in this time and season. 

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